Tournament Information

Please note: Due to the Covid 19 crisis, the information below may change, we will make all attempts to update the information. 

For the 41th celebration, Joe and I thought we would shake the tournament up a bit and make a few needed changes.  With that in mind, we have decided to implement a new format that will allow us to make adjustments for things we find more important today then we did in the past, with an eye to the future, we remember that it is all about one thing, the player being recruited.

Our tournament invites your team to play in the Pennsbury Pools that will play five (5) games, weather permitting.  Play begins on Thursday morning and continues through Saturday, five (5) games, weather permitting.  Teams must be able to begin playing on Thursday morning.

Information Summary:

  • Tournament Dates- June 17-20, 2021, Thursday through Sunday
  • Tournament will start for all teams on Thursday
  • The NFCA Academic Camp will be held Tuesday, June 15th at Helen Randle in Newtown
  • The NFCA Classic Camp will be held Wednesday, June 16th at Helen Randle in Newtown
  • Pennsbury Power Pool- 42 teams by invitation only
  • Ewing Campus- 24 (18U) teams
  • Sellersville Campus- 18 (18U) teams
  • Middle School Campus- 18 (16U) teams
  • Heuser Park Campus- 12 (14U) teams
  • Please note: As soon as we receive the website links for the NFCA camps we will post them on our website.