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Pennsbury 42nd Tournament Applications

Here are the applications for the 2022 Annual Pennsbury Tournament for Ewing, Middle School, Sellersville and Heuser Park complexes. The power pool invitations were issued via email to teams we are inviting to play at Newtown and Pennsbury.

Ewing Complex – 18U Teams Application
Middle School Complex – 18U (First Timers) Teams Application
Sellersville Complex – 16U Teams Application
Heuser Park Complex – 14U Teams Application

Pennsbury 42nd Tournament 2022

Pennsbury Tournament applications will be accepted starting December 1, 2021, the applications will soon be posted.  The deadline to apply will be January 15, 2022 and team selections will be made by January 31, 2022.  The dates for the 42nd Annual Tournament will be held Thursday June 16 through Saturday June 18, 2022.
Les and Joe

2021 Pennsbury Invitational Tournament Game Scores

Here are the game scores for for the 2021 Tournament: Game Scores


At four of our 18U complexes, Sellersville, Pennsbury, Ewing and Newtown we offered four $500.00 scholarships.  All players at these complexes had an opportunity to participate in this free raffle.  Congratulations to the following players:

Sellersville Complex

Newtown Complex

Pennsbury Complex

Ewing Complex

Final note from the Pennsbury Family

On behalf of the Pennsbury Tournament family we would like to thank you for attending the 41st Annual Pennsbury Tournament, good luck in your summer season. We look forward to seeing you next year, June 16-19, 2022.
Les and Joe

Request from the Pennsbury Webmaster

With the 41st Pennsbury Tournament now in the books, I hope that all who participated and attended the tournament had a positive experience.  If I may ask the players, coaches and parents, if they would send me any photographs that you may have taken during the tournament.  The photographs could include snapshots of the games, players, facilities and most of all candid photos.  I would like to use some of the photographs that I receive for the 42nd Pennsbury Invitational Tournament website.  As you can see from the past years we have overhauled the website, and included an app that hopefully made it easier to navigate the website for all who attended.  Please send any photograph(s) to my email pennsburywebmaster@comcast.net.  In addition to the photographs, may I ask you to send me any thoughts or ideas that may improve next years tournament, website and app.  I appreciate any photographs and information that you send.
Thank you – 
Pennsbury Webmaster

The App is Here!

Pennsbury Invitational Tournament App is now available, download the app to your device for the latest updated information.

Exciting News:

Please forward this to your parents and players, the last push is on for sign ups.  I received an email from the NFCA indicating that DI coaches have been cleared to attend the Pennsbury tournament, players and parents need to determine if there is interest with this notice.
We continue to register college coaches and post them to the attending college coaches webpage.  If any player on your team is pursuing a specific college, have them check the 2021 Attending College Coaches webpage to see if that coach will be attending.  

College coaches have been informed that player profiles have been posted and available on the Pennsbury website, the response from the coaches is “they love it”.  Some of the attending teams have not responded by sending us links to their player rosters, profiles, please make an attempt to get us the links or information by May 1st.  This is exciting and wonderful news about the coaches, spread the word.

Les and Joe.

Attending Coaches:

This year we have added the player profiles to the tournament website so it will be easy for you to navigate the information. In mid-May we will post the schedules, then you will have the schedules, times, and player profiles.

We hope you are well and looking forward to seeing you on one of the fields.

Click College Coach Registration Form below to register for the Pennsbury Tournament.
Have a great day,
Les and Joe

The deadline for receiving a copy of team insurance and the USA/ASA sanction information is fast approaching, please send the information ASAP.  Many of you have completed and forwarded the form to us and we thank you, for those who have not, we would appreciate you sending us that information by the up and coming week.  If you are not registering USA/ASA, you can simply download the attached form by clicking the button below, complete the form and mail it along with a check in the amount of $25.00 made out to ASA of PA, and that will complete the sanction requirements. Mail it to Pennsbury Tournament, 510 Poppy Court, Langhorne, PA. 19047.

The NFCA is reporting they have a large number of players who have registered for the camps held at Pennsbury.  Follow the prompts to NFCA recruitment or go on the NFCA site at www.nfca.org and follow prompts to Pennsbury camps.

The Pennsbury Tournament Hotel Reservation Page partnered with Traveling Teams is fully functional.  Attending teams in need of hotel lodging are recommend utilizing this service.  Space will become limited so do not wait to sign up.

Past tournaments we created player profile binders for all attending college coaches, distribution of the binders in itself was a monumental task.  Another problem was revising the binder information, we no sooner finished the binders and a team added or removed players from their team’s roster.  In addition, the college coaches would receive the player binders the morning of the tournament, that does not give the coaches much time to review the players.  This year we are attempting to streamline the player profiles, we added the player profile page links that were sent to us by the teams coaches and posted it to the “Attending Teams” list under your teams scheduled venue.  With this in place, it allows the college coaches to review players, setup schedules and plan prior to the tournament.

In order for the college coaches to have all the player information, all attending teams must submit a profile page team link to their website by May 1st, 2021.  We prefer to add your website profile page link, that would guarantee that you have the latest information available to the college coaches.  If your player roster changes and you do not have a link to your teams website please send the revised profile so we can revise the list.   Looking forward in seeing you this summer. Thank you Les and Joe

With all registration applications submitted, the date is set for the 41st Annual Pennsbury Tournament, June 17-20, 2021.  We have streamlined the event this year, a few different venues including the Pennsbury Power Pool which consists of 40 teams, Sellersville, Pennsbury Middle School Complex, Heuser Park and Ewing Complex.

The NFCA will hold its camps on Tuesday, June 15th and Wednesday, June 16th, these will be held at the Helen Randle Complex, like last year, in Newtown. All venues will start on Thursday.  Please be sure to follow the instructions to apply for the event you are trying to gain access to. Once the committee selects the participants you will receive an email with an acceptance form, you will sign the acceptance form, email it back and you will be added to the event. This is a stay to play event and you will have access to the hotel blocks on the website. This year, we too will be a pay at the plate event, trying to be consistent with others. We look forward to the 41st Annual Pennsbury Tournament and seeing our friends again.

Happy Holidays,
Les and Joe

41st Annual Pennsbury Tournament

Although 2020 has been a very tumultuous year for everyone, we can all look ahead to an optimistically happier 2021.   With that being said, we are planning and very much looking forward to the 41st Annual Pennsbury Tournament.  The tournament dates are as follows: Thursday, June 17th through Sunday, June 20th, 2021.  We believe the dates for the NFCA Academic Camp will be Tuesday, June, 15th and the Classic Camp on Wednesday, June 16th, 2021.  When NFCA schedules are available, we will confirm the 2021 camp dates. Please note that applications to the tournament will be available in mid December 2020.

A final word for the 2020 Pennsbury Tournament (August 10, 2020)

Joe and I want to thank you for your participation in the 40th Annual Pennsbury Tournament. We had a year like we have never experienced and one that we hope never to again.

We thank you for following directions, social distancing, wearing a mask, cooperating with numerous weather issues and schedule changes. We did everything we normally do to put this event on and despite all of the setbacks we accomplished it for as many teams as the Governors permitted us to allow.

We thank Joe Garvey from Newtown, Dave Lotti from Pennsbury North, Paul Koehler from Sellersville, Mark Avelino from Scranton and Tom Di Bernardo from Shamong for all they did to help produce the event.   Your crews were awesome. Our webmaster, John Evanich, who dealt with all the last minute changes and the website crashing due to volume.

We will reset the clock once 2021 hits and schedule the event back to Father’s Day Weekend we hope. No Covid, No Hurricanes 2 days before, just a light rain shower, afterall, it’s a Pennsbury tradition.

With Appreciation, Les and Joe

Congratulations Les Venella

The NFCA (National Fastpitch Coaches Association) recently awarded the Pennsbury Inviational Tournament and Pennsbury Gems for providing a 40-year commitment to women-student athletes.  Accepting the award Les Venella and Joe Parell, both Les and Joe have been managing the Pennsbury Invitational Tournament since 2001. 

End Latest News

2020 (Revised) Tournament Information

This is the 40th year (Ruby Anniversary) for the Pennsbury Invitational Tournament.  The tournament dates are August 6 thru August 8, 2020.  The NFCA will host both an Academic Camp on August 4, 2020 and Pennsbury Classic Camp on August 5, 2020.  The tournament is 18-Under by invitation only, no college players are permitted.  Each team will play five games, weather permitting, and single elimination will be held at the Pennsbury Fred Allan Softball Complex.  Read more

NFCA Coach and Player Information

Let's get back to the game!

We’re excited to bring the NFCA Northeast Academic and Pennsbury Classic Softball Camps to your area on August 4-5, 2020 Preceding the Pennsbury Invitational and featuring instruction from collegiate coaches,

  • LOTS of defensive and offensive reps
  • Position-specific defensive instruction
  • Offensive instruction
  • Opportunity to be seen by and receive feedback from college coaches
  • Opportunity to have your profile information in the hands of collegiate coaches
  • Digital copy of NFCA’s Top Recruit magazine

The difference between the Northeast Academic and Pennsbury Classic camps are the academic standards student-athletes must meet to be accepted into the camp. To determine if your athlete meets the academic requirements please visit NFCAevents.org the format is the same for both camps. Camp sessions are limited in number of participants. All camper graduation dates must fall within years. All instruction will utilize the entire field.



If you are planning to attend the NFCA Camp and or the Pennsbury tournament, click this College Coach sign up link or visit the College Coach Information for additional information including NFCA links and registration for both the camp and tournament.


Prior to the Pennsbury Tournament, NFCA will be hosting both the Northeast Academic Camp and Pennsbury Classic Camp.  Both these camps offer aspiring collegiate athletes showing their skills to a large number of college coaches.  For additional information including NFCA registration, college recruitment information please visit NFCA Player Recruitment.

Tribute to Pennsbury Invitational Tournament

"We have attended the Pennsbury Tournament for over thirty years, I believe we are one of few teams that attended the tournament since its inception. In the early years of the tournament, twenty teams attended the tournament which lasted two days. Art Coleman was a wonderful person with great vision for East Coast girls fastpitch softball, we played the Pennsbury tournament, many long Sundays with excellent competition that helped many players get recruited."

Here's to the Home Team

The Gems continue to be the elite softball team for Pennsbury Tournament Softball.  Art Coleman originated the team in 1981 naming the 18-U team Pennsbury Panthers and gave the names Gems to the 15-U team.  When the 15-U players moved up to the 18-U team, the girls wanted to carry on the Gems name thus dropping the Panthers and favoring Gems, it has been Gems since.    

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